Phew… our second graders are been busy in the classroom this week!  Check out what we have been up to:

Writing:   We are revisiting small moment (narrative) stories and focusing on the main event  that happens by adding dialogue, thoughts, feelings, action, and telling it bit by bit (in slow motion) to keep our readers on the edge of their seats!   One way we have worked on adding these details is by acting out our stories and making sure we write down exactly what happened.

Reading:   Our focus has been reading with expression and connecting with our characters.  We are doing this through a study of Fairy Tales.  We have some very dynamic readers in the classroom, really stepping into character!  Keep up the reading at home.  

Math:   This week we concentrated on three digit addition and subtraction.  We have learned that we can check our answers by doing the opposite operation.   Using our strategies for addition and subtraction, we are solving word problems by first looking for the clues in the problem, then drawing a picture and finally solving with an equation.   The emphasis is on s-l-o-w-i-n-g  down and really thinking about what the problem is asking us to do.     We will be wrapping up this unit next week.

Science:  We will be learning all about plants next week….. looking forward to getting our hands dirty :).   Looking ahead, we will have our Field Trip on Friday May 6 to FMG.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Classroom Updates!

We have been busy here in second grade!   Here is an update on what we have been up to:

Writing:   Our writers are doing AMAZING things in their realistic fiction stories through the use of dialogue, catchy leads, strong endings, focusing on the most important part of the story and adding character thoughts and feelings.  They have done a fantastic job!   We are working on revising and editing our stories this week to prepare for a celebration on Friday.

Math:  Today we ended our math unit on three digit subtraction, money and word problems.     I am so proud of all of their accomplishments!   On Friday, we will start a unit on telling time to the nearest five minute.  Continue to have your children practice mathfactspro.com at home to build fact fluency.  

Reading:   This week we are finishing our study of poetry.  We have read many poems by different poets and have studied their “craft”.    Our second graders have experimented with writing their own poems and thinking about objects in different ways by using line breaks, repeated words, patterns as well as comparing objects and feelings.  They will be coming home with their own compilation of poetry next week :).

We are preparing to celebrate March is reading month… look for details to come next week!


May Updates!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!  I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day with your families and friends.   It looks like the weather for the rest of the week has more rain in the forecast… yuck!     Here are some second grade happenings and updates:

Writing:   Together our class is creating a research report on plants.  We have studied text, objects and videos to gather more information as well as learning how to take notes.  This week we will interview an expert regarding questions we have about plants as well as begin to organize our NEW LEARNINGS into categories or sections.  This has been a super fun way to learn about research writing as we create one large text together before each child ventures into writing their very own.

Reading:  Non-fiction readers use many strategies to help them understand the text including: read a little… talk a lot, jotting down new facts/learnings, sharing and talking with a friend, identifying the main idea of a section and PROVING IT in the text.   It is amazing to see how our readers have grown!   For the next few weeks, we will also be doing our end of year reading assessing.  The time spent with each student gives us an opportunity to celebrate their growth in second grade and talk about their strengths as a reader.

Math:  We will be back in our own classrooms for math for the rest of the year.   Tomorrow we will begin our last unit which covers arrays, repeated addition and fractions.  Please see the parent letter below for more details.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.08.19 PM


Science:   We have learned all about the water cycle and are now moving on into a study of another life cycle…. plants.   On Wednesday we will have a guest speaker come in and talk with us about seeds, plant parts and the life cycle of a plant as well as have an opportunity to plant our own seeds… YAY!


* Our Just Write Celebration will be on Thursday May 15 at 10:30.  We would LOVE to have you join us.  Please plan to meet in our classroom at 10:30 before we tour our hallways filled with amazing writing pieces.  

*  Reading Counts will conclude on May 16.  Keep up the great reading everyone!

February Updates!

This winter is DEFINITELY one to remember!   Thankfully we made it through a week without a snow day and hopefully the weather cooperates for the rest of the season :).    Here are a few updates from our classroom:

Writing:   It is amazing to see the growth that our writers are making.  While constructing  realistic fiction stories, the children are carefully adding interesting leads, character development, dialogue, problems ( sometimes multiple), solutions and endings.  We are focusing on the important details of using adjectives to leave a memory with our readers, time order words to connect events and dialogue to show specific words characters are saying.    Way to go writers!

Reading:  BOOK CLUBS are a big hit during Readers Workshop!   Our kiddos are investigating similarities and differences between books in a series.  We have learned how to be prepared for book club, share with our friends by talking “long and strong”, and THINK, JOT and ASK QUESTIONS while we read.    This has been a fun way to develop reading skills in comprehension of text and decoding strategies for unknown words.

Math:  Children are learning how to solve subtraction problems that require regrouping (borrowing).  We will continue to practice this skill in the weeks to come through word problems and standard equations.  Thanks for your support from home to develop addition and subtraction fact fluency.   

Social Studies:   We have been enjoying  producing our products in the classroom as we prepare for Market Day on Feb. 20.  I LOVE listening to the “smart” economics talk that children have through this experience.  Whether they are discussing needed resources, or wonder if there might be scarcity of their product, it warms my heart to see their excitement.  The kiddos are earning a pay based on their work ethic.  Any funds that are earned (tickets) can be used on Market Day to buy other products for sale.

Valentines may be sent in to school at anytime prior to Feb. 14.   We look forward to celebrating on Friday at 12:45.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful children with me each and every day :)!


Learning Updates!!!!


Here is a quick update regarding all of our learning adventures :

Writing: We have some amazing writers in our classroom!!! On Monday we ended our unit of narrative writing with a writer’s celebration, where we opened up all of the second grade doors and marveled at many of our stories. Look for an upcoming post later in the week for some cute pictures :). This week we will begin to learn how to teach our audience through informational writing.

Reading: Today was a BIG day for our readers. The boys and girls selected “good fit” NON FICTION books to put into their book baskets along with 2 fiction books. We will be learning strategies to help read non fiction text and gain new understanding in order to share and teach others.

Math: Our second graders have been busily learning about addition with regrouping (carrying), counting coins up to dimes and different ways to represent numbers. This week Friday we will wrap up our unit with an assessment. Feel free to use the homework packet for additional practice .

Social Studies: Government is the key word these days in our classroom. We have learned that governments are formed to keep people safe and create rules/laws. Today we learned the three branches of our local government: council, mayor and courts. In the next few days, we will be learning about a mayor’s job as well as developing solutions to problems in communities.

Word Study: Our learners are investigating adding suffixes to words, including -ing, -ed, and -s. They are many “rules” to remember, but we will be practicing them throughout this year.

Thanks again for sharing your sweeties with me :)!

Mrs. Kuieck

Phew… Classroom Updates!

It feels like the days are slipping by faster and faster, as we treasure up our last few days together as a second grade family .   The past few days we have been incredibly busy in the classroom and we continue our learning in all areas:

WRITING:   Our writers are revisiting narrative, small moment writing and it is truly amazing to see the growth they have made.  We have learned strategies to turn our second grade writing into third grade writing ( they think this is “so cool”).  Writers use a hooking lead, detailed emotions and a memorable ending that may include a lesson.  We will be having our last narrative writing assessment in the next few days.  Look for a writing memory book to come home next week :).

READING:  What an amazing group of readers!!!!   We have been learning all about Hudsonville History through a non-fiction text and journaling about our learnings and/or interesting facts.  We have also learned that teaching one another our learnings can increase our comprehension of text… YEAH READERS!

MATH:   Our mathematicians continue to strengthen their skills through never ending math games ( so much fun today!) and small group teachings.  We will be taking an end of the year assessment on Friday.   Give your child a great big hug for working so hard on their addition and subtraction facts…. they all did a FABULOUS JOB THIS YEAR!!!!!

SCIENCE:  We have wrapped up our unit on plants and are currently reviewing the water cycle and the importance of water.  Today we created a water cycle chart and continue to observe our own classroom water cycle in a jar.

Your children are SUCH a blessing to me…. LOVE THEM DEARLY!

Mrs. Kuieck

Updates for the Last Two Weeks

It doesn’t even seem possible that we only have 8 school days left :(.   We continue to wrap up our units of study in all academic areas as well as finishing up our end of the year assessments.  Here are some important dates/activities to be aware of:

*  This week Thursday, 5/30, we are making a swap in our Second Grade Countdown.  Instead of Dessert Day, we are making it Donut Day!    We will save our trip to “What’s the Scoop” until the second to the last day of school to celebrate Dessert Day.   I will be in touch with those of you that volunteered to donate donuts… THANK YOU!

*  On June 5,  please send your child to school with a brown paper bag.  We will be cleaning out our desks on this day and our second graders will have a FULL load :).

*  June 6 is our last day of school ( boo!) and we will be celebrating with a 2nd/3rd grade field day in the morning as well as a family picnic with popsicles from 12:00 – 1:00.    Our second graders will return to the classroom for some special time with our second grade friends.  Dismissal time will be 3:40.



Our first full week of 2013 in second grade was wonderful!  It was SO great to see each child’s smiling face and hear about all of their holiday break fun with family.  They bring so much joy to our second grade classroom and to me!  We have jumped right back into our learning adventures and are excited about some of our new studies :).


Writing:  Our writers are venturing into raising the level of their stories by studying a mentor author.  We are learning from Cynthia Rylant, the author of the Henry and Mudge books, High Rise Private Eyes books, Mr. Putter and Tabby as well as other wonderful books.  This week we are noticing and naming what authors do in their stories to make them interesting.  This ability to notice and name will lead into developing the craft/strategy into their own writing.

In addition to various crafts, such as, varying punctuation, dialogue, juicy words, transition words, inner thoughts, and character feelings, our second graders have also graduated to another level of writing.  Drum roll please…….  Writing stories in packets that have more room for writing and less room for pictures.  The pictures continue to guide our writing but they are not the focus.  As we incorporate more strategies, our stories will naturally become longer.  WAY TO GO WRITERS!!!!


Reading:   Our little readers jumped right back into being REAL readers where we choose one spot to sit, stay focused on our reading, read the WHOLE time and use our comprehension and decoding strategies.  They did a MARVELOUS job!   We have reviewed all of our comprehension strategies including check for understanding, making connections, creating visualization and inferring character’s feelings and actions.   Through all of these strategies we determined that READING IS THINKING.  The storyline plays in our mind and we think about the characters, the setting and the actions that are taking place.  Next week we will be extending our learning of making inferences while we read.


Math:  We started our 2013 with a review of money counting ( including pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and dollars) and we will be moving into a study of subtraction.  It will be helpful to have your child practice subtraction facts at home to build their fluency when solving multiple digit subtraction.  The children will be coming home on Monday with subtractions cards to practice at home, but here is a post from last month that references some fun apps as well.  SUBTRACTION APPS.

Our new venture into multi digit subtraction with regrouping ( borrowing as we were taught :)) will require many opportunities for children to build confidence to become secure with the concept.  Therefore, we will take a least two weeks to provide strategy instruction and many opportunities for success.  Here is a copy of the parent math letter that will be coming home on Monday that describes the two methods that we will be learning about in the math class:


Social Studies:  Our law makers have proposed a rule/law that we should adopt in our classroom and are working on gathering their petition signatures before they send it to the mayor (me) for approval.  This is a great way for us to wrap up our study of city government.  

Next week we will begin a study of economics.  In addition to learning about various resources ( natural/human), how products are made and costs vs. profits, the children will have a GREAT opportunity to design their own products, produce them at school and then sell them to other second graders on Market Day.  It is a great experience for the kids.  Look for more information in the weeks to come :).

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Kuieck 🙂

Our Week Ahead

Looking forward to a wonderful week together, celebrating the season!   Here are a few things to be aware of:

*  Holiday Spirit Day – Wednesday December 19…. Feel free to dress in the holiday spirit ( red, white, green, hats, etc)

*  We will not have any new spelling words this week.  We will be reviewing our core words this week in addition to adding word endings to base words.

*  The holidays are a time of year to celebrate with family and friends.  For that reason, we will not have a homework packet this week :).  Please continue reading at home and reviewing addition/subtraction facts either online or with flashcards.

* Our Christmas Party will be on December 21 from 12:45 – 1:45.  Everyone is welcome to join!

* We will be celebrating THREE birthdays on Friday December 21… WOOHOOO!!!  These lovely girls will be celebrating with us by having a pizza party lunch.  Your child will not need a lunch on that day, but please send a drink.

Looking forward to a great week!

Mrs. Kuieck

A Busy Week Ahead….

Hi Families,

We have a very busy week ahead, filled with many fun activities and learning opportunities.   Parents, I am so excited to meet with you at conferences this week and share all of the wonderful things that your child has been learning.   Each of my second graders is very special and I consider it a blessing to work with them every day!

Here are a few things to be aware of this week:

* Report Cards will be coming home on Monday.   

* Parent Teacher Conferences:  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday   P/T CONFERENCE SCHEDULE

*  IT’S BOOK FAIR WEEK!!!!!   Our class is scheduled to view the book fair on Tuesday, with a buy day on Thursday.    The book fair is also open during conferences if you would like to shop there as well :).

*  We will have a guest speaker on Wednesday,  Officer Osbun & Zino from the Ottawa County Police K9 Department.

*  Tomorrow is the start of our MINDFUL GIVING.  Please consider donating $2.00 towards the SPARK foundation and donating 2 cans of food for our local community.

Here’s to a fabulous week!!!

Mrs. Kuieck