Math Update

Happy New Year!!!!  Our second grade mathematicians are learning how to solve multi-digit subtraction problems.   Below please note the strategies that your child will be using to solve these equations.   These strategies are different from how you and I learned “back in the day”, but they do promote deeper understanding of the concepts.  We will be spending the next three weeks deepening our knowledge of this concept.  There are a few good apps to use to practice these skills, make sure to check the blog in the upcoming weeks for links to these apps to put on any new devices at home :).

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Updates for March 19, 2012

Hi Families,

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  I trust you all enjoyed being outside and soaking up the sunshine.  Our second graders definitely had a great time outside on Friday morning for our writer’s celebration.  Many of our children felt strongly that the celebration should be held outside.  This was a trend in the persuasive letters that they wrote to me.  I thought Carson had another great idea that we could incorporate ….. ICE CREAM!!!!!!   Look for pictures soon :).   Here are a few more classroom happenings that we wanted to share with you…..


Daily 5:    We have been tuning into interesting words through our reading of Johnathon Rand’s Mansion of Madness.  It is a great opportunity to practice our inferring strategies by reading the text/sentences around the word and defining the word by what makes sense.  We continue to work on comprehending non fiction text using the wondering strategy.  We are learning many new things about matter and keeping a log of our discoveries.  This week we will be looking at magazine articles from TIME for Kids and putting our comprehension strategies to work.   The boys and girls also LOVED having Mrs. Reagan come to read to our class…. THANK YOU MRS. REAGAN!


Writing:   The boys and girls have worked SO hard during our study of persuasive writing.  Hopefully you received a letter or two from your child and if you would like to write back to them, they would LOVE it.   Our next topic of study is writing reviews.  This is a concept that is quite foreign to second graders, but we will be immersing ourselves into various reviews, analyzing their characteristics and learning the structure that makes them powerful before we produce them ourselves.


Word Study:   Our words for this week are:  why, help, put, different, away  ( Click on the following link for interactive practice:  UNIT 21 WORD PRACTICE)


Math:  We are continuing to practice money skills and counting coins up to the quarter.  We began two digit subtraction last week with regrouping, which is a tricky concept.  Here is a description of the methods our children are learning.


Science:   Matter is everywhere!!!!!  That is a big discovery for our second graders. This past week we immersed ourselves in identifying properties of matter including touch, smell, length, texture etc.    We will be investigating weight, mass, and mixtures this week.


Have a wonderful week!!!!

Mrs. Kuieck 🙂