Amazing Writers!

As we enter into our second month of second grade, it is AMAZING to see the growth our writers have already made.  They are using details, details, details in their writing as well as “catchy leads” and memorable endings. We discussed how readers want to hear ALL of the juicy details of the story.

Hooking our readers with a “catchy lead” creates a senses of urgency and excitement that all readers love.   Now that we are second grade writers, we are going to move from ending our stories with “THE END” to being a creative storyteller and using our hopes and wishes to “wrap up ” our writing treasures.

As we learn ways to improve our writing, the children are taking these tidbits and going back to revise their stories in ways that create a lasting impression on their readers.  We are using revision checklists to make our writing even better as well as editing our work for capital letters, punctuation and complete sentences using the CUPS strategy ( Capitalization, Usage ( does it make sense), Punctuation and Spelling).  We will be wrapping up our hard work on Wednesday with a Writer’s Celebration……  LOVE THESE WRITERS!!!!



Writers are Revisers!!!


Our writers are learning the process of writing, particularly the craft of revision.   We used our special red revision pens and a revision checklist to make changes to our writing and make it “just right”.   We then met with our writing partners to go over our work together and gather recommendations.  Look at these cuties!!!!