Informational Reading

Our  second grader readers are diving into nonfiction reading and using strategies to help  them understand what they are reading/learning.   We have learned to talk/think “A LOT” and read “A LITTLE”.   Good non fiction readers also ask themselves questions, search out answers in other texts and share what they know.   Each child is part of a book club where they are studying a topic together including gymnastics, birds, fish, Abraham Lincoln, space and butterflies.    They have been keeping track of  their thinking and learning using the R.A.N. Strategy (Reading and Analyzing NonFiction).

Non Fiction Book Clubs

Our second grade readers have been working in book clubs that focus on one specific topic.  Topics that we are investigating include plants, sharks, snowy owls, football, dinosaurs, experiments with electricity, soccer, Monarch Butterflies and baseball.

As children read from their non fiction books,  they left their “ahh haa’s” and their learnings on sticky notes.  They then met with their club and shared their thoughts and added their interesting facts onto a ‘jot lot”.  After their study, each group decided how to present their information to other readers either by a teaching poster or a presentation.

Today we started sharing our learning with others.    Our second graders worked INCREDIBLY hard and I am so proud of them!

Click below to watch Abbey, Sophia and Katie’s presentation on plants :).