May Updates!

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!  I hope you enjoyed this beautiful day with your families and friends.   It looks like the weather for the rest of the week has more rain in the forecast… yuck!     Here are some second grade happenings and updates:

Writing:   Together our class is creating a research report on plants.  We have studied text, objects and videos to gather more information as well as learning how to take notes.  This week we will interview an expert regarding questions we have about plants as well as begin to organize our NEW LEARNINGS into categories or sections.  This has been a super fun way to learn about research writing as we create one large text together before each child ventures into writing their very own.

Reading:  Non-fiction readers use many strategies to help them understand the text including: read a little… talk a lot, jotting down new facts/learnings, sharing and talking with a friend, identifying the main idea of a section and PROVING IT in the text.   It is amazing to see how our readers have grown!   For the next few weeks, we will also be doing our end of year reading assessing.  The time spent with each student gives us an opportunity to celebrate their growth in second grade and talk about their strengths as a reader.

Math:  We will be back in our own classrooms for math for the rest of the year.   Tomorrow we will begin our last unit which covers arrays, repeated addition and fractions.  Please see the parent letter below for more details.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 10.08.19 PM


Science:   We have learned all about the water cycle and are now moving on into a study of another life cycle…. plants.   On Wednesday we will have a guest speaker come in and talk with us about seeds, plant parts and the life cycle of a plant as well as have an opportunity to plant our own seeds… YAY!


* Our Just Write Celebration will be on Thursday May 15 at 10:30.  We would LOVE to have you join us.  Please plan to meet in our classroom at 10:30 before we tour our hallways filled with amazing writing pieces.  

*  Reading Counts will conclude on May 16.  Keep up the great reading everyone!

Updates for May 14, 2012

WOOHOOO……  This week is going to be full of adventures.  Please note these events:


*  SECOND GRADE JUST WRITE CELEBRATION:  Thursday May 17 12:45 – 1:30.  Parents are invited to share in this celebration with their children.  We would love to have a special guest for each one of our second graders.  Please let me know if your child will NOT have a special guest coming.

*  We will be having a student teacher from Hope/Liverpool University in England as a guest in our classroom this coming week.   This is a great opportunity for children to learn about education in other countries as well as appreciate differences in communities.

*  We will begin typing classes daily starting this week……. YEAH!!!!!


Writing:  This week we will be doing our end of the year writing assessments.  I am so proud of our little writers!!!!!!


Daily 5:  I continue to be amazed at the progress each one of the students has made in the area of reading….  little pumpkins!!!!   We are continuing to apply our comprehension strategies to various text and reviewing decoding strategies.


Word Study:  Ready for some sad news?  This week is our last week of new spelling words 🙂  I know, dry your tears.

Our words are:  last,  never,  us,  left,   end


Math:   Here is our new buzz word… MULTIPLICATION!  The kids are very excited about this new venture.  Our goal in second grade is to expose the children to multiplication in concrete ways included count bys, groups and arrays.   We will also be talking about fractions towards the end of the week.


Have a great week!!!!!

Mrs. Kuieck 🙂


Updates for May 7, 2012

We had an absolutely AMAZING day on Friday, supporting Spencer Meyer in the FUN RUN!!!!   Thanks again for all of the your support.    This week is filled with many fun learning adventures.


Writer’s Workshop:   The boys and girls have learned the strategy of thinking of a special person, feeling or place and then remembering ALL of the small moments surrounding that topic.  We created MANY ideas and were able to plan out our stories and begin writing them down.  This week we will be using an organizer to guide our stories to ensure that we have an exciting lead, juicy details and a fabulous ending.  Being careful to include dialogue, feelings and similes will also leave an impression on our readers.


Daily 5:  I have one word for my little readers…. WOW!   I have begun end of the year assessments and am completely thrilled with each of their progress.   This week we will be continuing to look at fiction and non fiction text and using strategies to answer comprehension questions.   LAST DAY FOR RC IS MAY 11.   A report will be coming home TODAY containing your child’s progress towards their goal.


Math:    EXCITING NEWS!!!!!  This week we are beginning of study of multiplication concepts… WOOHOOO!!!  We will begin with a study of multiples and count bys as we transition to the abstract task.  The kids are always so very excited about this new adventure.   Please check out this parent letter.

Word Study:   Our words for this week are ( UNIT 26):  line, set, own, under, read

Science:   We have finished our Earth’s Land and Water Unit and will be beginning a study of plant life.  We have a few websites linked on our blog that provide fun ways to learn about plants.  You can find them under the science tab on the right hand side of the screen.   Brenda Raterink from MSU Agriculture will be coming in to talk with us about plants on Wednesday.  We also have a field trip next week Monday to PELL GREENHOUSES….. YEAH!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

Mrs. Kuieck