Three Digit Subtraction

This week our second graders will be working on solving three digit subtraction equations… WOOHOO!!!!   We will be building on skills that the children have learned earlier this year with two digit subtraction.  We use a very important rhyme  in the classroom to discover if we need to ungroup of not ( borrow).  This poem can be used to help us with any subtraction equation.

Here is a copy of the parent letter that describes the two subtraction methods that our children are learning here at school:

Math Update!

Our little mathematicians have been busily collecting data and creating picture graphs as well as bar graphs.  Not only are they creating graphs, but they are “reading” graphs too by answering questions such as:

1.  How many more violets do I have in my garden than lilies?

2.  How many fewer daisies do I have in my garden than tulips?

3.  How  many flowers do I have in my garden altogether?

4.  If  2 more lilies grow in my garden, how many lilies will I have?

Below is a parent letter that contains more information about our study of graphs.


Math Update

Our second graders are working very hard at solving two and three digit subtraction equations. We are beginning to use those skills to solve word problems that contain both addition and subtraction operations. Here is a poem that we use to help us decide if we need to ungroup a ten or just subtract down.


Math Update

Our mathematicians are working so hard, especially using regrouping while adding two digit numbers together.  This week we will be embarking on a study of money, specifically adding together  dollars, dimes, nickels and pennies.  We will also learn how to write money in dollar notation ( i.e. $1.36).   Our money masters have been counting coins since the beginning of the year through our classroom incentive program so they are WELL on their way to money success!  Any extra practice you could provide at home  ( counting loose change, counting by tens/fives/ones, comparing money amounts) would be helpful for our mathematicians.   KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Word Problem Detectives!

Our mathematicians continue to be word problem detectives each and every day.  They have developed wonderful strategies that encourage them to visualize what is being asked, as well as drawing pictures and writing equations.  We took a quick quiz yesterday and everyone did BEAUTIFULLY!   We are REALLY emphasizing “slow and steady wins the race” so that we can carefully think about the word problem before we start the solving process.  Next week we will be looking at two-step and more complex comparison word problems.  WAY TO GO SECOND GRADERS!

Math Update

Today we learned about the doubles strategy when we add or subtract numbers, as well as doubles plus or minus one.  Look for a cool ipod to be coming home this week to practice our doubles facts.  See the example below for how we use the doubles +/- 1 strategy when we add.

Math Mountains

Hi Families

This week  we practiced writing addition and subtraction equations from math mountains and playing a mystery game.  Here is some information pertaining to how children use the math mountain to form various equations.


Ellise and Nick also show us how to write equations, which is WAY cuter  :).

NICE WORK SECOND GRADERS!!!!!!!   Enjoy the weekend… YOU deserve it!

Mrs. Kuieck 🙂