Market Day!

One of my most favorite days of the year is quickly approaching.  We have begun a study of Economics in social studies and are learning all about resources, production, profit, expenses and how to run a business.  Part of our study revolves around Market Day, where students work in teams to build a business, produce, market and sell their products.  Tomorrow business/product plans will be drafted and proposed to the supervisor (me) for approval.   There is a buzz in the classroom and the kiddos are thrilled to begin this new adventure.  Look for an email to come home tomorrow regarding supplies that are needed for production.  Thanks in advance for your help :)!

Market Day Success

We had an absolute amazing day today! The boys and girls were producers and consumers. They each learned what it was like to make choices with the “money” that they had earned. I was very proud of their independence, ability to work in teams, and responsibility to their “businesses”. We were able to shop in all the second grade classrooms and Mrs. Reagan even came to visit us. Have a wonderful weekend!

Market Day = Success!!!!

We had a wonderful wrap up to our economics study today!  Check out some of the advertisements for our products.

Keynote for Advertisements!

… add some cute faces ;)!

Market Day!

One of my most favorite days in second grade is Market Day.  It is the culmination of our study of economics and the children have the opportunity to produce, market, sell and buy products.   We discuss resources that are needed to produce the product that they want to make as well as opportunity cost and marketing strategies. We are tentatively planning our Market Day for February 25, which means we have lots of producing to do.

Here is where we could use a little help.  Many of our students could use some additional supplies/resources to create their product.   If you happen to have any extra craft supplies, art materials,  tongue depressers, paints, yarn, string, etc, we would be happy to find a use for it :).  Please send these items to school by Tuesday February 15.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Mrs. Kuieck 🙂