February Updates!

This winter is DEFINITELY one to remember!   Thankfully we made it through a week without a snow day and hopefully the weather cooperates for the rest of the season :).    Here are a few updates from our classroom:

Writing:   It is amazing to see the growth that our writers are making.  While constructing  realistic fiction stories, the children are carefully adding interesting leads, character development, dialogue, problems ( sometimes multiple), solutions and endings.  We are focusing on the important details of using adjectives to leave a memory with our readers, time order words to connect events and dialogue to show specific words characters are saying.    Way to go writers!

Reading:  BOOK CLUBS are a big hit during Readers Workshop!   Our kiddos are investigating similarities and differences between books in a series.  We have learned how to be prepared for book club, share with our friends by talking “long and strong”, and THINK, JOT and ASK QUESTIONS while we read.    This has been a fun way to develop reading skills in comprehension of text and decoding strategies for unknown words.

Math:  Children are learning how to solve subtraction problems that require regrouping (borrowing).  We will continue to practice this skill in the weeks to come through word problems and standard equations.  Thanks for your support from home to develop addition and subtraction fact fluency.   

Social Studies:   We have been enjoying  producing our products in the classroom as we prepare for Market Day on Feb. 20.  I LOVE listening to the “smart” economics talk that children have through this experience.  Whether they are discussing needed resources, or wonder if there might be scarcity of their product, it warms my heart to see their excitement.  The kiddos are earning a pay based on their work ethic.  Any funds that are earned (tickets) can be used on Market Day to buy other products for sale.

Valentines may be sent in to school at anytime prior to Feb. 14.   We look forward to celebrating on Friday at 12:45.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful children with me each and every day :)!