Last Week of Second Grade :(

This year has flown by and it really and truly is hard to believe that we will be ending our time together this week.  Words can not express my gratitude for our classroom volunteers, field trip chaperones, the donations that you provide throughout the school year for class parties and other events and most importantly, sharing your beautiful children with me.  Each and every child is a blessing  and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow as a learner and as young ladies and gentlemen.   I am looking forward to treasuring some fun times together in the next few days before we end our year together.  Our special days are listed below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.02.57 PM


Here are a few reminders for our week ahead:

*Thursday is our 2/3 Grade Field Day!  Please make sure your second grader comes to school with lots of sunscreen on, a water bottle, and shoes that they can run safely in!  Girls, flip-flops are NOT a good option.  Preferably a good pair of tennis shoes or gym shoes is the way to go.

* Friday, 6/6, our last day :(  , we will have a picnic lunch from 11:45 – 12:30on our 2/3 playground.  Our second graders can order hot lunch or bring a lunch from home.  All parents and siblings are welcome to come to school and eat lunch with us as we celebrate our last few minutes as second graders!  Dismissal on Friday is at 1:00

Our Future Shining Stars!

It is with mixed emotion that I ponder the thought of saying good-bye to 26 of the MOST AMAZING second grade children.  These children have become “my kiddos” and I love them all so dearly!  We have treasured many memories together and grown as learners.   Not only have we learned three digit addition, comprehension strategies and other curriculum concepts, but I trust that your child has gained confidence, a sense of self worth, respect for others and a knowledge of just how special they are.   Indeed they are INCREDIBLY SPECIAL!  Thank you for entrusting me with your precious jewels this year, they have richly blessed my life.   It was with  saddened hearts that we say good-bye tomorrow, but I look forward to seeing what the future holds for these SHINING STARS!

our future is bright

Phew… Classroom Updates!

It feels like the days are slipping by faster and faster, as we treasure up our last few days together as a second grade family .   The past few days we have been incredibly busy in the classroom and we continue our learning in all areas:

WRITING:   Our writers are revisiting narrative, small moment writing and it is truly amazing to see the growth they have made.  We have learned strategies to turn our second grade writing into third grade writing ( they think this is “so cool”).  Writers use a hooking lead, detailed emotions and a memorable ending that may include a lesson.  We will be having our last narrative writing assessment in the next few days.  Look for a writing memory book to come home next week :).

READING:  What an amazing group of readers!!!!   We have been learning all about Hudsonville History through a non-fiction text and journaling about our learnings and/or interesting facts.  We have also learned that teaching one another our learnings can increase our comprehension of text… YEAH READERS!

MATH:   Our mathematicians continue to strengthen their skills through never ending math games ( so much fun today!) and small group teachings.  We will be taking an end of the year assessment on Friday.   Give your child a great big hug for working so hard on their addition and subtraction facts…. they all did a FABULOUS JOB THIS YEAR!!!!!

SCIENCE:  We have wrapped up our unit on plants and are currently reviewing the water cycle and the importance of water.  Today we created a water cycle chart and continue to observe our own classroom water cycle in a jar.

Your children are SUCH a blessing to me…. LOVE THEM DEARLY!

Mrs. Kuieck