Geometric Shapes

Our second graders are in the middle of their study of geometry including measuring in centimeters and inches as well as building and identifying 2D and 3D shapes ( triangle, square, rectangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, cube, pyramid, rectangular prism, cone and cylinder).  Last week we explored these shapes in a fun way…. with marshmallows!!!

Here are a few apps that would provide practice for your child in this area (click on name for link to app):




New Math Unit :)!

This week our second graders will be revisiting addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, but this time we will be solving equations that have three digits. Here is the parent letter that will be coming today :).

 Continue to work on addition and subtraction fact fluency at home through the links on our blog, tenmarks, xtramath and various apps.  Here is a screenshot of the apps that we use at school to increase our fact fluency.   If you have an ipad, ipod, or iphone, these apps would be a GREAT option to download on your device.  Many of the apps are free and some are only $0.99.

Updates for April 30, 2012

Well… I am VERY excited to be back with my kiddos tomorrow!!!  We had a nasty chest infection in our house last week and we are FINALLY making our way back to healthy :).

We have a BUSY schedule schedule this week, with lots of learning adventures and fun activities.


Writer’s Workshop:   We are a little behind from last week, so we will be wrapping up our study of reviews on Tuesday with a celebration… YEAH!!!  We will then be refreshing our memories in the area of small moment writing ( personal narrative stories) in preparation for our end of the year writing “assessment”.  It is truly amazing how much each of the children has grown as a writer.


Daily 5:  This week we will be looking at various non fiction texts and using a few of the comprehension strategies that we have learned to answer questions about the text.  I will also be starting end of the year reading assessments ( HARD TO BELIEVE!!!!!).  Through informal conferences that I have had with children, I am thrilled with their growth and can’t wait to marvel at their reading!


Math:   Our topic of study will be triple digit addition and subtraction problems.  This will require quick recall of both + and – facts.  Any extra practice that you could provide at home would be helpful.  Here are a few apps that are available for the ipod touch and iphone that are fun for the kids and GOOD for them :):




Science:  We will spend a few days this week reviewing how water moves through various  landforms and bodies of water.  Our assessment will be on Thursday.  Look for a study guide to come home on Wednesday.   Our next unit of study will be PLANTS… YEAH!!!!


Word Study:   After this week, we only have TWO new word lists…. I know, try not to shed a tear :).

Here are our words for this week ( Unit 25):   should, give, big, air, home 


Also, we will be participating in the TEAM SPENCER FUN RUN on Friday May 4.  Please remember to wear orange and bring any donations that you have for the Meyer family to school by Friday…… WOOHOOO!!!

Here’s to a great week!!!

Mrs. Kuieck 🙂


Subtraction Links and Apps

Hi Families,

As we are learning about two digit subtraction, it is very important to build the fluency of our basic subtraction facts.  You can help your child at home by doing flashcards, playing subtraction games, online games and apps available on an ipod touch, ipad or iphone.

Here are a few websites for subtraction practice:



At school we are also using a few subtraction apps on the ipods.  Here are the apps that we are using and they are FREE :)!

Math Tutor 2 Lite
Mad Math Lite
Math Ninja HD Lite
Kids Math Ace Games Lite
Adventures Under the Sea Game Free – Lite
Math Free- Single and Double Digit Addition and subtraction
Have fun with subtraction!
Mrs. Kuieck 🙂