Classroom Updates!

We have been busy here in second grade!   Here is an update on what we have been up to:

Writing:   Our writers are doing AMAZING things in their realistic fiction stories through the use of dialogue, catchy leads, strong endings, focusing on the most important part of the story and adding character thoughts and feelings.  They have done a fantastic job!   We are working on revising and editing our stories this week to prepare for a celebration on Friday.

Math:  Today we ended our math unit on three digit subtraction, money and word problems.     I am so proud of all of their accomplishments!   On Friday, we will start a unit on telling time to the nearest five minute.  Continue to have your children practice at home to build fact fluency.  

Reading:   This week we are finishing our study of poetry.  We have read many poems by different poets and have studied their “craft”.    Our second graders have experimented with writing their own poems and thinking about objects in different ways by using line breaks, repeated words, patterns as well as comparing objects and feelings.  They will be coming home with their own compilation of poetry next week :).

We are preparing to celebrate March is reading month… look for details to come next week!


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