First Week Updates

Welcome to second grade!!! This past week we worked on creating a classroom climate where everyone was respected and loved, which will foster the learning environment for our children.  We also learned many classroom routines for using the bathroom, sharpening pencils, etc.    I am very proud of our second graders for all of their hard this past week, they did an awesome job of following directions quickly and quietly.  

Here are some highlights from our first week: 

As readers, we worked on using our reading time wisely and how to pick a “just right” book.  We learned a rap that reminded us how to choose  books that interest us, that we can understand and where we can read most of the words.  Look for a special musical production this coming week :).

Our writers wrote their very first story of second grade last week.   I am enjoying reading them!  We focused on writing a story that is a “seed story”, one small event from their life that is stored in their heart and mind (strong feelings).  

As mathematicians,  we have learned how our math work sites will work by practicing math mountains and addition facts.  We will be using Mobymax, an individualized math instruction web program,  here at school but it is a great resource at home as well.  Information was sent home on Friday regarding home log in and passwords.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Here are a few reminders for the upcoming week:

  • We will have library every Monday starting tomorrow… YAY!
  • Our classroom is a peanut free zone, please send your child to school with peanut free snacks to eat in classroom.  Thanks so much for your consideration!

Thanks so much for all of your donations!!!!!   I think we are set on antibacterial wipes and kleenex for awhile :)…..  THANK YOU THANK YOU!   We use both of those items everyday.

Most of all, thank you for sharing your adorable children with me,  they are just amazing!   It’s going to be a great year!

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