Mind Up


You may have heard your child talking about our study of the brain here at school.  We use a program called MIND UP, which teaches children about their brains and how to help regulate behavior.

So far, we have learned some key areas of the brain.    The prefrontal cortex is what we call our WISE LEADER, it is where our smart thinking happens (math, reading, etc.).  Our Hippocampus is where our memories are stored, we called is our MEMORY SAVER.  And the amygdala is the part of our brain the helps us stay safe when we are in danger, we call it our SECURITY GUARD.

We have also learned how to give our PFC ( Prefrontal Cortex) time to receive information before we make a wise choice by taking mindful breathes, TAKE 10 ( count to 10 before you act when upset), and doing mindful listening.

Stay tuned for my brain facts as the year goes on :).

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