Learning Updates!!!!


Here is a quick update regarding all of our learning adventures :

Writing: We have some amazing writers in our classroom!!! On Monday we ended our unit of narrative writing with a writer’s celebration, where we opened up all of the second grade doors and marveled at many of our stories. Look for an upcoming post later in the week for some cute pictures :). This week we will begin to learn how to teach our audience through informational writing.

Reading: Today was a BIG day for our readers. The boys and girls selected “good fit” NON FICTION books to put into their book baskets along with 2 fiction books. We will be learning strategies to help read non fiction text and gain new understanding in order to share and teach others.

Math: Our second graders have been busily learning about addition with regrouping (carrying), counting coins up to dimes and different ways to represent numbers. This week Friday we will wrap up our unit with an assessment. Feel free to use the homework packet for additional practice .

Social Studies: Government is the key word these days in our classroom. We have learned that governments are formed to keep people safe and create rules/laws. Today we learned the three branches of our local government: council, mayor and courts. In the next few days, we will be learning about a mayor’s job as well as developing solutions to problems in communities.

Word Study: Our learners are investigating adding suffixes to words, including -ing, -ed, and -s. They are many “rules” to remember, but we will be practicing them throughout this year.

Thanks again for sharing your sweeties with me :)!

Mrs. Kuieck

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