We Are Readers and Writers!


This past week, our second graders have continued to build both their reading and writing stamina ( doing something well for a long period of time).   They have learned strategies to become the best reader and writer they can be by choosing the best spot to work, having materials ready, and setting goals for their learning time.


Our writers have learned the importance of rehearsing their writing pieces before they even pick up their pencils to write.   Just like athletes practice before their big games, writers need to brainstorm,  plan and REHEARSE for their masterpieces.  Our writers can practice by retelling the event to themselves or a partner,  pointing to the pages of a booklet and using a story hand to retell all of the events ( check out Reid practicing this strategy… YOU GO GIRL!)

20130915-150734.jpg        20130915-150747.jpg


Picking a just right book is crucial for reading success.  When we read text that is a good fit for us, we are able to develop and practice reading strategies that can help us with comprehension of text and decoding of the words. This past week,  our readers have focused on thinking while we read by asking questions and we have learned strategies to pick a “just right book”.   Our kiddos will teach you all about it in this video:

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