First Week Fun

Welcome to second grade!!! This past week we worked on creating a classroom climate where everyone was respected and loved which will foster the learning environment for our children.

In math we reviewed math mountains as well as writing subtraction and addition equations from math mountains. Our main focus in math for the next month is using strategies to become fluent with math facts.

As readers, we practiced using our time wisely and being focused readers. We also used sticky notes in our books to mark important parts


Our writers constructed their first story in second grade. I can’t wait to read them! We also created a heart map to give us ideas when we are stuck on what to write about.



One of the highlights of our week, for me, was when we delivered bucket fillers ( positive notes) to friends in our school.  We left little messages in lockers to surprise our school mates and hopefully put a smile on their face.   Our second graders took this very seriously and were beaming with happiness.

Enjoy your weekend!


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