Reading Counts WINNERS!

Friday was the last day of Reading Counts for the 2011-2012 school year.  Within our classroom we had a few incentives to encourage our reading at home and also meet our Reading Counts goals.

Here are our Radical Readers Rewards:

Pizza Lunch with Mrs. Kuieck ( Making Reading Counts Goal)

Kenzey     Luci     Ava     Dylan H.     Jordan     Addison     Andrew    Devin     Samantha     Jaden     Dylan R.

Jayden     Quinton     Julia     Peyton    Marissa     Paige

Ice Cream Sundaes with Mrs. Kuieck ( Doubling Reading Counts Goal)

Kenzey     Dylan H.     Samantha     Jaden     Dylan R.     Marissa     Paige

Bowling with Mrs. Kuieck ( Tripling Reading Counts Goal)

Samantha     Jaden     Marissa

A Lunch Date with Mrs. Kuieck ( Quadrupling Reading Counts Goal)

Jaden P.

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!!!!   We will be setting up all of our “dates” next week.

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