Updates for February 19, 2012

I trust that everyone enjoyed a wonderful winter ( pre-spring :)) break.   The sunshine was a beautiful gift!   Please make sure to continue to check the blog frequently as we will have many special events and happenings in the weeks to come.   We have a busy week ahead, including an assembly on Wednesday…. YEAH!


We are venturing into a brand new study of writing… persuasive writing!   We will begin on Monday by convincing others why we would be a great president.  Constructing a persuasive piece of  writing/letter revolves around who our audience is, and what our focus will be.   I am very excited to hear our children’s voices speak through their writing.

Daily 5

This week we will continue working on the comprehension strategy of wondering.  We will be moving from fiction stories to non-fiction texts.  Sometimes this transition can be tricky for children but as we use strategies that they are already familiar with, it will aide our comprehension.


We are very excited about creating graphs and reading data.   One of our goals through this unit is to challenge the children to analyze a graph and be able to identify if the symbol stands for 1 object or for a different number.  The first thing they will look for is a key to see if the symbol stands for something other than “1”.   This type of graph is called a pictograph.

A few things to note…..

* We will have an African Acrobats assembly on Wednesday morning.

* Friday February 24 is the last day of the second marking period for Reading Counts… Keep Reading :)!

*  NO SCHOOL on March 2.

* Parent Teacher Conferences:  February 27 – 29

Have a wonderful week :)!

Mrs. Kuieck

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