20 Liters Update

The 20 Liters walk is this Saturday!  So far six classes have raised, $461.24!!!  We will be collecting money until Friday.  If you are interested in experiencing a little bit of what life is like in Africa, come walk with us at 3:00 at 8th Street Park this Saturday, May 20.
Thank you!

20 Liters – Walk For Water

633 Million people in the world live without clean water. This isn’t just an inconvenience.  Water is essential to life and access to clean water brings with it improved health, education, and prosperity.  So, our mission is to make dirty water clean for the most vulnerable through long lasting and innovative technologies.

You can help make dirty water clean for the people who need it most by learning about the problem and then doing something about it.  With as little as $20, 20 Liters can bring 10+years of clean water to a person living in Rwanda. 

You can take action today by participating in your classroom fundraising drive.  Beginning May 2-19, students can help by bringing in a donation to the classroom.  In class we talked how they could bring spare change, return pop cans, or do extra chores!

You are also invited to a family event called Walk for Water on May 20 at 3:00pm at the 8th Street park in Hudsonville.

Here is a short video of Abraham, the boy who visited our class this week! https://vimeo.com/163397588 

For more information visit, 20liters.org