Writing Update

Our second grade writers have been busy researching information about plants.  We have gathered facts from observations, articles, books, interactive sites and videos.   Today we took all of our research and sorted it into chapters.  Students will work with partners to plan, write, edit and publish their chapter for our class research report.

Our focus will be on writing real facts including sizes, examples and descriptions as well as including text features to help inform our readers.  Looking forward to sharing their work with you in the next couple of weeks.

20 Liters Update

The 20 Liters walk is this Saturday!  So far six classes have raised, $461.24!!!  We will be collecting money until Friday.  If you are interested in experiencing a little bit of what life is like in Africa, come walk with us at 3:00 at 8th Street Park this Saturday, May 20.
Thank you!


On Wednesday we had a special presentation… ALL ABOUT PLANTS!  Mrs. Raterink, a local farmer, came and spoke with us about seeds, plants and how farmers grow their crops.   Children were able to touch different seeds and describe their properties.

We were even able to plant our own green bean seed and indian corn seed.  Over the next few weeks, we will be learning what a seed needs to grow and the different functions of each plant part.

20 Liters – Walk For Water

633 Million people in the world live without clean water. This isn’t just an inconvenience.  Water is essential to life and access to clean water brings with it improved health, education, and prosperity.  So, our mission is to make dirty water clean for the most vulnerable through long lasting and innovative technologies.

You can help make dirty water clean for the people who need it most by learning about the problem and then doing something about it.  With as little as $20, 20 Liters can bring 10+years of clean water to a person living in Rwanda. 

You can take action today by participating in your classroom fundraising drive.  Beginning May 2-19, students can help by bringing in a donation to the classroom.  In class we talked how they could bring spare change, return pop cans, or do extra chores!

You are also invited to a family event called Walk for Water on May 20 at 3:00pm at the 8th Street park in Hudsonville.

Here is a short video of Abraham, the boy who visited our class this week! https://vimeo.com/163397588 

For more information visit, 20liters.org

Writing Update

We are revisiting small moment (narrative) stories and focusing in on the main event.  We can create a gripping story by adding dialogue, thoughts, feelings, action, and telling it bit by bit (in slow motion) to keep our readers on the edge of their seats!   Today we worked on adding show not tell emotions into our stories.   Our second grade writers really hooked us in!

Reading Update

Our readers began investigating the genre of fairy tales and the ingredients all fairy tales have, including: good/evil characters, once upon a time, happily ever after, magic, royalty and maybe even a lesson that was learned.    Today we looked at a website called Speakaboos where children can read different genres of text including fairy tales.   We will have an opportunity to review comprehension strategies, reading with expression (getting into character) and word decoding skills through our study.  Looking forward to diving into this imaginative group of books!

March Is Reading Month

We have had an amazing month celebrating books!   Many thanks to all of the mystery readers that surprised us…. the kids LOVED it!

Today we had fun day reading.  We presented our non fiction teaching posters to the first graders and we also had a book tasting.  For the book tasting, children “sampled” some new series books and decided if they might want to give them a try.  Look in their take home folder for their menu :).

Have a wonderful spring break!