Math Update

We have a classroom full of detectives!!!  Our second graders are learning how to solve word problems using strategies that encourage them to think through questions, draw pictures, write equations and check their answers.    This will be our focus for the next few weeks :).  We will investigate add to, take from, collective, missing/extra information, comparison and two step word problems.  Below find the most recent parent letter.


It was a hot SuperHero WalkAThon Day!!!!  Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this such a fun day for our kiddos.  We love our school!  All WalkAThon donations are due TOMORROW.


Reading Update

Our second grade readers have been doing an amazing job of building reading stamina.  Stamina is being able to “stick” with a task for a long period of time.  This week they we are getting close to be real readers for 20 minutes.. YAY!   We have learned that a real reader gets started quickly, stays quiet, chooses their own space,  keeps their eyes on their books, does their reading assignment,  leaves thinking tracks about their reading and stays in the one place.

This week we have also learned how to put the pieces of the reading puzzle together by thinking about the book before we read and during our reading.   Focusing  on the characters of a fiction text along with the problem and the solution to the story helps us “put it all together”.   Keep up the great reading at home!

Writing Update

After rehearsing our stories to ourselves, with a partner and with sketches, we were finally able to let our pencils tell the story today.   We focused on using our story teller’s voice and using feelings, thoughts and details.

Being able to move through the Writing Process (brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing) independently will be our focus for September, using visuals and strategies to keep our Writer’s Workshop moving along.   This allows time for children to practice skills in their own writing and for  me to conference with small groups of children about specific concepts and set goals for their writing.   Look at these cute writers!


First Math Update!

Our second grade mathematicians have been working hard to build their math strategies.  We are learning about math facts through the use of math mountains.  Next week we will learn additional strategies to help us when we add or subtract.   Below please find a parent letter for more details.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 4.11.22 PM

As children are introduced to strategies and new topics/instruction, they have an opportunity to practice using games, hands on activities, math journal work, partner practice and fact fluency through each of their work sites.  Our learners visit all of the work sites each day and have done a FABULOUS job getting to work quickly and quietly.


Thank you for ALL of the donations that you have supplied for our classroom…  we appreciate it!

Thank you for sharing your children with me this first week of second grade.   They are amazing kiddos and I can’t wait to share the year with them!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

First Day… Hooray!

We had a great first day together as a second grade family!  Our day was filled with learning about procedures, expectations and getting to know one another.  Setting the classroom climate is key for our learning this year.

Together we created a classroom promise and the children created mini faces to make their pledge to one another.  Thanks for sharing your children with me, I am really enjoying getting to know them!

First Day!

Before our exciting first day, here are three important reminders…

Student Information Forms – Please send in the student information forms (received at Open House) back to school on Tuesday. Double check to make sure that your contact information is correct for our files.

Me Bags – At Open House, your child also received a Me Bag. We will enjoy sharing these bags as we get to know one another throughout the first week of school. Please make sure that your child’s name is on his/her bag before sending it to school on Tuesday.

Water Bottle and Snacks – Your child should bring two healthy nut free snacks and a filled water bottle (no juice please) to stay fueled every day. Morning and afternoon snacks are essential for maintaining energy and attention. Please do not send candy or sugary snacks. High sugar foods cause an energy crash that makes learning difficult. If your child ever forgets a snack, we have a great supply of graham crackers (thanks for your donations!). For more information on snack ideas, you can click the Nut Free and Healthy Snack page on the left side of the blog.  We do have a NUT/TREE NUT FREE classroom.  Children can have nuts in the lunchroom, just not in the classroom.  Thank you for you consideration and support.

**Finally, with the start of a new school year many students experience some anxiety. Here is link to an excellent blog post to help children through these stressful moments. 13 Powerful Phrases Proven to Help an Anxious Child Calm Down

Looking forward to seeing those wonderful second graders on Tuesday. 🙂

Parent Survey and Open House Reminder

Please take a few moments to fill out this PARENT SURVEY.   I would love to know more about your child and their interests as well as some housekeeping items (volunteering opportunities and end of the day transportation). THANKS SO MUCH!!!

SAVE THE DATE:   Grade 1-5 Open House is on Thursday August 24 from 6:30 – 7:30.    Looking forward to seeing you then!  Feel free to bring any of your child’s supplies to school on this day, it really helps them feel settled in and prevents super heavy backpacks on the first day :).  Please see the tab along the side for a complete list of school supplies.