Math Update

We have started a short unit on telling time to the nearest five minute and identifying a.m. versus p.m activities.  Since many of us only have digital clocks in our homes,  it is helpful to make a note of analog clocks and practice telling the time.    Here is the most recent parent letter:


Today we began a new adventure ….. KEYBOARDING! From now until spring break,  we will be using the laptops to learn proper hand positions and strategies for remembering key locations as well as which fingers are used to press each key. Keyboarding instruction will continue throughout elementary school to prepare our learners for middle school and beyond.

Reading Update

Our second grade readers and writers are enjoying poetry.  We are learning how to look at objects through poet’s eyes not as a scientist (snow is not just frozen precipitation, but instead marshmallows drifting into a blanket).  This has been a transition for the kiddos but they are really creating both “music” in their writing as well as interesting line breaks.

Math Update

Our mathematicians are doing a fabulous job solving subtraction with regrouping equations and deciding when to add or subtract to solve a word problem.  We have learned a few key words to help guide our thinking when solving these word problems.

Today we learned a strategy, the adding up method, to help us solve unknown addend equations.


Writing Update

Our second grade writers are venturing into a new genre of writing…. Realistic Fiction,  pretend characters who have REAL problems.    We have brainstormed story ideas, thought of what kind of characters we would have, planned the story with a problem that gets worse before it is better, all while using “juicy” transition words and a storyteller’s voice.   Their stories are amazing and we were able to share them around our virtual campfire!

This week we also also used our vocabulary word, summarize, to help us think about the important parts of our stories.    Next week we will be looking at creative ways to hook in our readers and leave a lasting memory.

Writing Update

We are wrapping up our informational writing unit and getting ready to celebrate on Friday.  Children have worked on writing introductions, conclusions, glossaries and text features.

Today they worked in partnerships to edit their entire book  by checking and adding:  C (capital letters), U (proper use of words, the word usage is correct), P (punctuation) and S (spelling).    We know that the author’s purpose for writing informational books is to teach others facts about our topic.  On Friday, we look forward to sharing our work with each other and with Mrs. Ray’s class.

Friday Updates from Tyler

Today on Google Earth we tried to find our houses.  We learned about maps and where we belong.  We celebrated Alex’s birthday.  I think that we could practice our addresses this weekend.  Today when I was teacher of the day, it was fun because I got to lead the line, talk in the microphone, lead morning meeting and decide when to do things on our schedule.


Tyler, teacher of the day

Math Update

Today we learned two strategies for how to solve two digit subtraction equations.  This is a crucial skill in second grade and also something that simply takes practice to develop.  The children were amazing today and worked so hard!   Here is an explanation of the methods that we will be using (you may want to keep handy for upcoming homework :)).

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.30.52 PM