Special Visitors

This past Friday we had some special visitors.   Deputy Busse and his partner Andy came and talked to our second graders about how police officers keep our community safe.   He also shared with us some of the talents his canine partner Andy has including searching for missing items and people.  This was a great way to culminate our social studies unit revolving around the reason we have communities and how our government was formed to keep us safe.   Next week Tuesday, our very own Hudsonville mayor will come and share with us a little bit about his job, law making and solving issues in a community.

Writer’s Celebration

Today we celebrated our writing with Mrs. Prominski’s class.  Our second graders have worked hard to be  mindful writers, by adding details to their seed stories, using show not tell, adding a strong lead/ending and using dialogue.  They were able to move through the writing process, even revising and editing their pieces!   After our share time, we set up a story museum and had a chance to read many of our classroom friend’s stories.

The highlight of our celebration was having a “toast”.   Our little writers had an opportunity to share a toast/ say kind words to other friends in the classroom for everyone to hear.  This was absolutely adorable to hear!   Keep up the great work writers!


Reading Celebration

Our little readers celebrated their reading today by thinking back to being a kindergarten, first grade and now a second grade reader.  We laid out books that we may have read in each grade and discussed the similarities and the differences between the texts.   We set up a museum to visit and admire how much we have grown as readers, and to celebrate being BIG TIME second grade readers….  YAY!!

Family Fare Receipts = $ for Georgetown

familyfareGeorgetown Elementary PTC has the opportunity to earn $1,000 from SpartanNash Stores:  Family Fare and D&W.   Through the Direct Your Dollars program, we can turn eligible receipts into cash for our organization!

Every time you shop at any Family Fare Supermarket or D&W Fresh Market, save your receipts.  Turn these into school — either via your child’s teacher or the office Direct Your Dollars Box.

Please mark your child’s teacher’s name on the receipt or the envelope.

For every $150,000 in receipts we collect, we will earn $1,000 donation.  This money D&Whelps  cover costs such as classroom supplies, technology upgrades, books, field trips, parent/child events and other needed items.  NOTE:  We need the ORIGINAL receipt in order for your purchase to count toward our total.

If you aren’t able to drop your receipts off in person, you can also mail them to 3909 Baldwin St, Hudsonville MI 49426.

Math Update

We have a classroom full of detectives!!!  Our second graders are learning how to solve word problems using strategies that encourage them to think through questions, draw pictures, write equations and check their answers.    This will be our focus for the next few weeks :).  We will investigate add to, take from, collective, missing/extra information, comparison and two step word problems.  Below find the most recent parent letter.

Reading Counts!

Today your child will be coming home with a Reading Counts book ( similar to WEB reading last year if you were at Georgetown).  Each child has selected a good fit book within their independent reading level to take home and read and they are SO EXCITED!!!  Reading Counts is a reading incentive program (separate from our curriculum) that promotes reading habits and also rewards children for their efforts.    Please see the following link for more informationREADING COUNTS.  Here is how we use Reading Counts at Georgetown.

1.  Students independent reading levels are determined through teacher assessments.  Levels will be similar to last year (within a level or two).

2.  Each child is given a goal number of points to achieve during the semester based on their reading level.  Each book has an assigned point value which can be found on the inside cover of the book.

3.  Students select a book at their reading level and read it at home and/or at school.  Books are labeled with reading levels A – Z on the spine of the book. 

4.  When children are finished with the book they sign up to take a RC comprehension quiz on the computer for that particular book here at school.

5.  If the quiz is passed ( 8/10 questions answered correctly), then another book is checked out.  If the quiz is not passed,  students take the book home again and reread or select a new book from the library.

6. At the end of the semester (mid Jan),  students who have met their goal receive a prize and a ticket into our end of the year BIG prize drawing.  Last year it was an Ipad Mini and Target gift cards….YEAH!

Please see your child’s book bag today for more specific information.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  There is a mention of the “check for understanding” bookmark in the note, please know that this will be sent home in the baggie at a later date.  We need to learn how to use in the classroom first before it is sent home :).

Mrs. Kuieck

Walk A Thon

It was perfect fall weather for our WALKATHON DAY!   The children enjoyed walking with their friends and celebrating the money that they had raised for our amazing school.  Thanks so much for all of your continued support, we have such an amazing Georgetown family!   Check out some of our cuties:

Math Update

Addition and subtraction strategies have been our main focus of instruction this week.  We have learned how to use math mountains to solve for an unknown partner or total,  practiced our doubles facts and learned the doubles  +1, -1 strategy.    Children also explored odd and even numbers through making pairs or equal groups.  We even learned a few silly songs to help us along the way.

As children are introduced to strategies and new topics/instruction, they have an opportunity to practice using games, hands on activities, math journal work, partner practice and fact fluency through each of their work sites.  Our learners visit all of the work sites each day and have done a FABULOUS job getting to work quickly and quietly.   Look at these hard little workers!

Reading Update

Our second grade readers have been doing an amazing job of building reading stamina.  Stamina is being able to “stick” with a task for a long period of time.  This week they reached an incredible milestone, being a REAL reader for 20 minutes.. YAY!   We have learned that a real reader gets started quickly, stays quiet, chooses their own space,  keeps their eyes on their books, does their reading assignment,  leaves thinking tracks about their reading and stays in the one place.

This week we have also learned how to put the pieces of the reading puzzle together by thinking about the book before we read and during our reading.   Focusing  on the characters of a fiction text along with the problem and the solution to the story helps us “put it all together”.   Keep up the great reading at home!

Olympic WalkAThon

Our school Walk-a-thon is on September 23.  This is our biggest fund raiser of the year.  This money is used for technology, field trips, classroom supplies, and other learning needs.  Our goal is for every child to raise at least $25.   There are some amazing prizes to be given away for our top earners and classrooms.  You are welcome to come walk around the track with us from 9:45 – 10:30.  Students should wear comfortable shoes for walking and dress in red, white and blue.

Check out Mrs. Reagan’s blog post about the WalkAThon.  http://georgetown.edublogs.org/2016/09/14/olympic-walk•a•thon-2016/