Parent Survey and Open House

Please take a few moments to fill out this PARENT SURVEY.   I would love to know more about your child and their interests, as well as parents email addresses and general second grade family events  (volunteering opportunities, classroom parties, etc). THANKS SO MUCH!!!

SAVE THE DATE:   Grade 1-5 Open House is on Tuesday August from 6:30 – 7:30.    Looking forward to seeing you then!  Feel free to bring any of your child’s supplies to school on this day :).  There is a tab on the top of the blog with a class supply list.

Summer Learning

Check out this challenge from Mrs. Reagan:

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘summer slide’?  It refers to the loss of learning that can take place when skills are not practiced over the summer.    We want everyone to keep their learning brains turned on by spending a 10-50 minutes every day practicing math facts and reading.  To determine the appropriate minimum number of minutes/day for your child, multiple their grade level by 10.  For example, a first grader would spend a minimum of 10 minutes — 5 minutes on math and 5 minutes on reading.

Our school has a login for all students on MOBYMAX –  an excellent online tool for all content areas.  If your child has forgotten their password/login, email me.

On Mobymax, I recommend the following:

  • Grade K:  Number Sense, Alphabet and Reading Trio
  • Grade 1:  Number Sense (review), Math Fact Fluency and Reading Trio
  • Grade 2-5:  Math Fact Fluency (keep those facts fresh) and any of the other applications on the site.

Also, if you would like to track reading minutes over the summer, this counts too.  Simply log into this form once a week to tell me how many minutes per week or per month you are reading.  Summer learning contest ends on August 20.

All students who participate in summer learning entered into a drawing


Finally, Mrs. Vandenberg, our librarian, would love to have post photos of you reading over the summer.  If you have a photo of your reading during vacation, send her the photo at

Hope your July is going well!

See you in 8 weeks,

Mrs. Reagan



Welcome to our new second grade families!   Please make sure to register for email subscriptions  (upper right hand corner of blog) which alerts you via email when our classroom blog is updated.  We use the blog for classroom happenings, activities, special events and to share our learning fun.

Looking forward to the upcoming year… ENJOY YOUR SUMMER and treasure up some small moments to write about in the fall!    We will post a classroom supply list during the first few weeks of July (crazy to think about).

Summer Learning

Here are some ideas and goals for summer learning!

Visit the library on Tuesdays from 10am – 12pm.  Our School library will be open on Tuesdays!

READ …. READ…. then READ some more.  Set a goal of at least 20 minutes per day.  Don’t forget to have your child check off the a box on their summer reading challenge sheet for each 20 minute time period that they read :).

Use Raz-Kids to practice reading.

Use MOBYMAX.COM to keep up your learning skills for math, math facts, reading, writing, science, etc.

Collect BOX TOPS to help earn money for our school.  Each child came home with 2 BOX TOP collection forms for the summer.     These box tops help us to buy books, playground equipment and many other items for our school.

Have a GREAT Summer!

Last Day Fun!

Thanks to those of you who came to celebrate our last day together at the picnic!   I am going to miss these little buddies dearly!   Thank you for the cards, hugs, gifts and flowers……  but most of all, thank you for sharing your gems with me!   Have a wonderful summer and stay in touch please :)!


Where has this year gone?  I have been in denial that the end of second grade was coming and the thought of saying “have a good summer” is bittersweet and full of emotion, as this group of second graders and families are simply amazing!!!!!   These children have become “my kiddos” and I love them all so dearly!    We have studied content:  addition, subtraction, word problems, telling time, reading and writing non fiction, but I hope that through it all your child has gained confidence, a feeling of self worth, respect for others and knowledge of just how special they are!

Thank you for your support this year through donations, party patrol, field trip chaperones and homework.  A big shout out to our moms who came in consistently to help with math facts and Reading Counts…. we so appreciated you Mrs. Zuiderveen, Mrs. Strick, Mrs. Tolsma, Mrs. Ham, Mrs. Sliwa and Mrs. Bolt!!!!!

But most of all, THANK YOU for entrusting me with your precious little jewels, they will always have a special place in my heart and have been an incredible blessing to me!   I considered it an honor and privilege to work with these kiddos every day…. love them to pieces and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.  Have a wonderful summer!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 4.19.37 PM

(The photo quality is quite low, but each child will be taking one home tomorrow.. shh! :)).


Writing and Science Update

Our little scientists/writers are doing research on the topic of LANDFORMS (mountains, hills, plateaus, islands and peninsulas).    We have done our research through photographs, book reading and from videos.   Keeping track of our research by confirming what we know is true and adding new learning, will be helpful as we prepare to create a research report.    Look for our finished research report in a few weeks :).


Math Update

Today we finished up our last math unit for the year  (How did time go so fast?!).    Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing and extending trickier concepts including line plots, two step word problems, counting money and explaining our thinking.   As always, keep practicing those math facts…..  the kiddos have worked so hard this year!

Writing Update!

Today we celebrated our personal narrative stories with Mrs. Ray’s second grade classroom.   Each child constructed an edge of your seat, gripping story and stepped into character while they read it aloud.   After our celebration, the children were able to read other stories in the classroom museum and leave notes for their friends about something they did well… so proud of our little writers!