Writing Update

We are revisiting small moment (narrative) stories and focusing in on the main event.  We can create a gripping story by adding dialogue, thoughts, feelings, action, and telling it bit by bit (in slow motion) to keep our readers on the edge of their seats!   Today we worked on adding show not tell emotions into our stories.   Our second grade writers really hooked us in!

Reading Update

Our readers began investigating the genre of fairy tales and the ingredients all fairy tales have, including: good/evil characters, once upon a time, happily ever after, magic, royalty and maybe even a lesson that was learned.    Today we looked at a website called Speakaboos where children can read different genres of text including fairy tales.   We will have an opportunity to review comprehension strategies, reading with expression (getting into character) and word decoding skills through our study.  Looking forward to diving into this imaginative group of books!

March Is Reading Month

We have had an amazing month celebrating books!   Many thanks to all of the mystery readers that surprised us…. the kids LOVED it!

Today we had fun day reading.  We presented our non fiction teaching posters to the first graders and we also had a book tasting.  For the book tasting, children “sampled” some new series books and decided if they might want to give them a try.  Look in their take home folder for their menu :).

Have a wonderful spring break!


Math Update

This week our second graders had the opportunity to explore addition to 1,000…. WOW!   They loved the idea that we were working with such high numbers.

Here is a copy of the parent letter that describes the two subtraction methods that our children are learning here at school (You may want to keep this handy for upcoming homework):

Reading Update

Informational text has been our focus over the last two weeks.    We have learned to talk/think “A LOT” and read “A LITTLE”.   Good non fiction readers also ask themselves questions, search out answers in other texts and share what they know.   Each child is part of a book club where they are studying a topic together including gymnastics, Dr. Seuss, tornadoes, dogs, tigers, dolphins and the human body.    They have been keeping track of  their thinking and learning using the R.A.N. Strategy (Reading and Analyzing NonFiction).

Math Update

Our second graders will be using various strategies including proof drawings, show all totals and new groups above/below to solve three digit equations.  The children will experiment with the strategies and discover which strategy works best for them.  Our main focus is on explaining the steps that we take to solve an equation.   We are very excited for this new adventure :)!

Hand 2 Hand

We invite you to participate in our spring donation drive to support Hand2Hand — a community program that provides food to families in need through the school year and during the summer months.  This blog post explains the types of donations needed, drop off location and time frame.

Writing Update

Our second grade writers have been learning how to write a review by using persuasive language.   We have children writing reviews about restaurants, movies, books, fun places to go and games.   We like to think of opinion writing like an OREO:


We know that the “good stuff” in an OREO is in the middle so we want to make it a triple or quadruple stuffed cookie by writing 3 or 4  reasons and examples.

They are doing an AMAZING job persuading their friends to try some new things,  they may persuade you too :).

Math Update

Our second grade mathematicians continue to work on telling time to the nearest 5 minute and also identifying a.m. / p.m activities.    This week we also are learning about pictographs, bar graphs and interpreting what the data means by making conclusions.  We will continue learning about graphs and will even conduct our own surveys to gather data and create graphs.
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