Writing Update

We are wrapping up our informational writing unit and getting ready to celebrate on Friday.  Children have worked on writing introductions, conclusions, glossaries and text features.

Today they worked in partnerships to edit their entire book  by checking and adding:  C (capital letters), U (proper use of words, the word usage is correct), P (punctuation) and S (spelling).    We know that the author’s purpose for writing informational books is to teach others facts about our topic.  On Friday, we look forward to sharing our work with each other and with Mrs. Ray’s class.

Friday Updates from Tyler

Today on Google Earth we tried to find our houses.  We learned about maps and where we belong.  We celebrated Alex’s birthday.  I think that we could practice our addresses this weekend.  Today when I was teacher of the day, it was fun because I got to lead the line, talk in the microphone, lead morning meeting and decide when to do things on our schedule.


Tyler, teacher of the day

Math Update

Today we learned two strategies for how to solve two digit subtraction equations.  This is a crucial skill in second grade and also something that simply takes practice to develop.  The children were amazing today and worked so hard!   Here is an explanation of the methods that we will be using (you may want to keep handy for upcoming homework :)).

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.30.52 PM

Reading Update

We are welcoming 2017 in with series book clubs.  Each student is part of a series book club with 3-4 other friends.   We will be focusing on noticing patterns while we read about the character’s traits, the problems in the story and the lessons that were learned by the characters.  This requires our readers to jot sticky notes  while they are independently reading so that they are prepared to share for their club conservation.    Children will begin to notice patterns within a series of books, get connected to the characters and hopefully feel inspired to read them all :).


Math Update!

Today we started a new unit in math that includes counting money using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars.  Each day our second graders will be handling money by playing coin war, scooping groups of coins and playing Race To A Dollar.

It would be great to practice counting money at home by identifying the coins, identifying the values, separating into groups of similar coins and counting the total amounts (less than $2.00).  The more practice and handling of actual money will help children make a connection between coins and their values.


Here is a parent letter that describes our study of money:

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.26.36 PM

Spreading Kindness

As you might have heard from your second grader,  we have a new friend in the classroom…… the Kindness Elf!    He arrived after Thanksgiving Break and is helping us spread a little kindness.   Each night he scurries around the room and leaves us a note about how to spread kindness to Georgetown Elementary and our community.

We have delivered sharpened pencils to Mrs. Quigley’s class, made thank you cards to the specials teachers (art, music, pe) and yesterday we read books to the Mrs. Stutz’s class .   We also picked up trash on the playground to take care of the Earth.  Each morning we are surprised with the silly things our Kindness Elf does but also love to hear  how to make someone’s day and care for others.


Economics on the Farm

We all enjoyed having Mrs. Raterink from the MSU/Farm Extended Learning come in this week to explain the journey from cows milk to the milk we buy at the store. Our second graders learned that dairy farmers have many expenses to pay in order to operate, just like our families and businesses. This was an eye opening experience for the kids :)! We had an opportunity to be  producers, a transporters, processors and consumers through the making of trail mix. Many thanks to Brenda, she was awesome!

Holiday Program

What a great program tonight!  The children did a wonderful job singing.  They definitely put the audience into the holiday spirit.


Writing Update

Our writers are learning how to teach a lot of information in their non fiction chapters by using text features including pictures, diagrams, labels and captions.  We have been focusing on using a teacher’s voice to tell all of the details by including topic sentences and also informational sentence starters (such as,  for example, one kind, sometimes, another kind).  We have some pretty amazing “teachers” in our class!